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Red Marines Music Festival 2023

Sopiago Creek, California

About the event Red Marines Music Festival 2023 Greetings and Welcome as we gather to give our heartfelt salute to the Sun with the 13th installment of the Red Marines Music Festival 2023!

We come together to celebrate the rebirth of ourselves, the warming of our spirits, and the unity of our community. At this festival, we embrace the incredible power of music, the vibrant colors of art, the freedom of dance, the joy of laughter, and the awakening of our spirits.

To all our beloved family and friends, we extend a warm welcome and heartfelt greetings. Let us join together in saluting the Sun!

$150.00 - $230.00

Zhenya Rock acoustic

Rancho de Allegria

At the 2nd Annual Muraveynik Songwriters Festival, prepare for an unforgettable performance by the duo of Zhenya Rock, an electrifying guitarist known for his fiery gypsy rhythms, and Yuriy Fedorko, an acclaimed accordionist from the iconic 90's band "Limpopo". This unique musical collaboration promises a breathtaking show filled with passionate melodies, powerful rhythms, and captivating accordion tunes. Don't miss this spectacular highlight of the festival that will surely leave a lasting impression on every music lover.

Zhenya Rock&Yuri Fedorko

U Pechki

Join us for a unique musical experience at "U Pechki" featuring the virtuoso guitarist Zhenya Rock and the acclaimed accordionist Yuriy Fedorko. Known for his fiery tunes and gypsy rhythms, Zhenya is set to deliver an electrifying performance, fused with the masterful accordion tunes from Yuriy, a respected member of the legendary 90's band "Limpopo". As a special treat, audiences will also witness a thrilling Kossak-sword show, an artistic performance combining acrobatics and swordsmanship in a captivating dance. This unforgettable evening promises a spectacular blend of passion, rhythm, and skill that is not to be missed.

Zhenya Rock at Burda Garage

Burda Garage, Candler NC 28715

🎶🎤 Hey North Carolina Fans! 🎶🎤

Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience! We're excited to announce that Zhenya Rock will be performing live in your beautiful state of North Carolina, with a special intimate show hosted by the amazing Andrey Burda at his home! We've got some important details for you to make this event one for the books.

First off, please remember to respect Andrey's space and abide by his house rules. This cozy atmosphere calls for a quiet, attentive audience, so we kindly ask you to refrain from talking during the performance to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the music.

As for the program, Zhenya Rock will be treating you to a diverse selection of original songs that blend various ethnic and folk influences with rock, bluegrass, and more. Inspired by different cultures and traditions, Zhenya's music is an exciting fusion of sounds, showcased in tracks like "Wanderlust," "Soul Searching," "Gypsy Heart," "Mountain Melodies," and "Dancing in the Rain."

Please be aware that Andrey considers this a hobby event. While he's happy to welcome confirmed guests, he reserves the right to turn away unconfirmed "drop-ins" or ask anyone not following the house rules to leave. We hope this won't be necessary, but we want to be transparent about these potential scenarios.

Tickets for this exclusive event can be purchased on our official band website. Once you've secured your ticket, you will receive the address and additional event details via email. Please note that the address and specific details will be provided with your tickets after purchase, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

Lastly, punctuality is key! Arrive on time for the concert, as the doors will open at the specified time. This allows everyone to get settled and comfortable before Zhenya Rock's performance begins.

We can't wait to share Zhenya Rock's incredible music with you in this unique and intimate setting hosted by Andrey Burda. Thank you for being a part of this special event. 🎶❤️


StarBright Theater, 1770 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

Ladies and gentlemen, the curtains are about to rise on an extraordinary night of Broadway magic and music that will leave you absolutely breathless! Introducing a spectacular production that takes the best of Broadway and adds an innovative spin, creating an unforgettable experience that will captivate your heart and soul. We are thrilled to announce that tickets for the much-awaited production, "Broadway Rockway," are now on sale! Get ready for a night you won't forget as this extraordinary show seamlessly combines the enchanting world of classic Broadway with the pulsating force of rock music. "Broadway Rockway" showcases a lineup of phenomenal performers, including Carlos Zema, Katya Novskaya, Gigi Mo, Tatyana Uvarova, Masha Campaign, Lala Huseynzade, Maya West, Eduard Kraft, and Val Kasvin. Together, they will captivate the audience with their renditions of beloved Broadway hits. Accompanying our stellar cast is the incredible band AstraliYa, providing a dynamic, rock-infused soundtrack to breathe new life into these iconic songs.

Join us at the Starbright Theater on Saturday, May 13, at 7 pm for this extraordinary fusion of Broadway and rock. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience – secure your tickets today and become a part of the magic!

Tickets start $30-$45


StarBright Theater, 1770 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

В грандиозном Мьюзикл/Рок шоу выступают звёзды Bay Area and Beyond❣️Не пропустите❣️ From Chicago and Cats to Rock Star performance! Уникальное шоу на сцене театра Starbright от Zhenya Rock Music School, сочетание легендарных песен из самых популярных мюзиклов Бродвея, таких как Cats, Chicago, Aladdin, и многих других. Carlos Zema , Katya Victor Novskaya , Gigi Mo , Tanya Uvarova, Masha Campagne, Lala Huseynzade, Maya West,Эдуард Крафт и Вал Касвин объединятся на сцене, чтобы перевоплотить эти хиты в рок-верси, закроет шоу группа Astraliya! Вас также ждут потрясающие ковера в оригинальной аранжеровке от Zhenya Rock самых известных хитов групп Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Океан Ельзи и других, а также хиты джаза. Световое Шоу, яркие костюмы, великолепный вокальные партии и хореография.

Tickets start $30-$45

Zhenya Rock at Burda Garage

Burda Garage, Asheville, NC

🎸 Another captivating solo performance by Zhenya Rock. The exact location for the upcoming event will be provided with the ticket. As we finalize the logistics, we want to ensure that we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for our attendees.

Please keep an eye out for your ticket, which will contain all the necessary details, including the venue name, address, and any additional instructions. We want to ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience at the event, and having the exact location will be critical to making that happen. You must have a confirmed reservation to attend. Hey there concert-goers!

I'm excited to let you know that I'll be performing at a concert hosted by a wonderful host Andrey Burda at his home in Candler NC. As the artist for this event, I just wanted to give you a heads-up about a few things to make sure you have a great time. Please keep in mind that this is an intimate setting, so I kindly ask that you don't talk during the performance. Also, please make sure to have a confirmed reservation before showing up. We want to make sure everyone has a spot and follows the house rules. Lastly, please arrive on time so we can get started promptly! I'm really excited to share my music with you all and I can't wait to see you there!

Festival "Poluostrov"

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Полуостров, Russian Music and Arts Festival in Northern California