Circus Back In Town

oh baby- whattya know
the circus back in town and here we go
shiny squeeze box and a drum
baby jump over here and get you some

down in Texas gets scorching hot
well, it beats the cold so we like it like that
little things , you know, they mean a lot
Hmm, you can, tip the band, or give them a shot

we gonna put the squeezebox to the test
squeeze it up and down never give it a rest
from the crazy East to the Wild West
Jesus saves and Moses invests

check out this freatboard gymnast all the way from Ukraine
He plays so damn fast he dont need no cocaine
chilling with my hommies on the eastside
yo, dig the balalaika ride

what is balalaika if it ain't got that swing
shape like a slice of pizza, triangle thing
chill out everybody this party really just begun
eastside get ready yall lets have fun

all this mellow music gonna put me to sleep
we gotta rock the party lets pump up the heat
lets turn the Siberia into Jamaica
yall messing with my psyche with your balalaika